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Powder painting - is one of the most effective and durable methods of metal coating. Thanks to electrostatic or electrokinetic spraying, paint is applied to the surface as free-flowing, dry powder. As the particles of this paint are charged, they adhere tightly to the painted surface. In electrification and paint application, two basic techniques are used: electrostatic spraying (high voltage method 40-100 kV, called "crown") and electrokinetic spraying (triboelectrification, friction method, called "tribo"). After applying the paint to the surface, the prepared elements are inserted into the furnace at 140-200 ° C. In about 20 minutes, the coating begins to melt and cure, which gives excellent performance properties - the obtained varnish coating is fully resistant to chemicals, corrosion, mechanical damage and high temperature.


We perform powder coating on surfaces:

  • black steel
  • aluminium
  • galvanized elements

These are not only single items, but large order series as well:

  • light steel constructions
  • fences, gates, wickets
  • railings
  • machine parts
  • advertising peaks
  • Inne rodzaje elementów stalowych i aluminiowych
  • aluminum and steel wheels
  • different types of steel and aluminum components

While working on your project, we focus on providing:

  • short delivery time
  • services of the highest quality
  • professional equipment and the best certified paints
  • good protection of all painted elements while being transported
  • prompt deliveries
  • furnace 7000 L x 2100 H x 1500 W
  • the highest quality GEMA applicator

Powder coating benefits:

malowanie proszkoweEfficiency

There is currently no more effective method of metal coating. Powder paints are a guarantee of coatings without wrinkles, bubbles, stains and cracks.

Application versatility

Coatings can be obtained in full RAL colors palette, a wide range of structures and textures, and with various gloss levels.

Material saving

Due to the possibility of recovering unsaturated powder particles, the painting material is being fully used.

Resistance to mechanical and chemical factors

Powder paints, unlike solven ones, give the possibility of obtaining a much smoother surface than traditional varnishes, which gives a much greater abrasion resistance.

Significant energy savings

By using closed ventilation systems you are able to significantly save on consumed energy.

Ecology- let’s care for the environment!

Powder painting is currently one of the most ecological metal painting methods, as powder paints are completely safe for the environment (some of them even have approvals that allow contact with drinking water and food), and the painting process does not involve the use of any harmful solvents.


1. Part preparation or the pre-treatment

malowanie proszkoweWhy is this an important step in the whole process? Thanks to good preparation, the painting runs smoothly, the varnish adheres better to the base, as a result the paint stays on for many years. We start by washing details and then proceed to drying, because all surfaces prepared for powder coating should be thoroughly dried. Crucial thing here is to properly establish the drying time - the guaranty of proper preparation of details for final painting.

2. The powder application

The previously prepared details are transferred to the automatic painting booth, where the powder passes through the spraying system, then is being charged positively by friction and adheres to the painted surface on the basis of the potential difference. The spraying area is equipped with a powder recovery system and ergonomic end filters - which gives the possibility to use the powder paint in a cost-efficient way.

3. Curing

This is the last coating step, which requires a certain temperature - about 180 degrees Celsius and a special designed furnace. The powder that was previously applied, is melting and then being polymerized, as a result it becomes the right varnish coating. After removing from the furnace and then cooling, the part is ready to be packaged.

The duration of the full cycle of all 3 stages described above is about 2-3 hours.

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