We specialize in production and assembly of stainless and black steel components in Poland as well as in other European countries, which are:

  • fences, gates, whickets
  • internal, balcony, terrace and stair balustrades
  • balustrades with glass or wooden elements
  • railings
  • toughened glass and polycarbonate visors
  • light steel constructions
  • frames, furniture
  • projects according to your individual needs
  • welding, grinding and polishing stainless steel services

WEvery steel and aluminum element is being powder painted in any color according to the RAL palette in our own Powder Paint Shop.

We support both - large developer companies as well as smaller private clients. To have your order executed, the design or earlier arrangement of your individual needs is mandatory. While working on your project, we focus mainly on meeting your every expectation as well as on the project’s quality, on-budget and on-time delivery.